Payment Confirmation


Thank you for just purchasing tickets to the show!

To make sure that you get your tickets, please read the instructions below.

1. Check your Inbox and Spam folder for an order confirmation
You will receive an email with the subject line “We have received your order” that will confirm your purchase.
If you find it in your Spam, please move it to your inbox or mark it as safe. This will make sure your tickets don’t go to Spam as well.

2. Make sure you flag your Stripe Receipt
Stripe should send you a receipt.
This is not your ticket, but it’s good to keep on hand!

3. Check for your tickets within 1-3 business days
Once Stripe processes payment, we will send you an email with the subject line of “Here are your tickets!”¬†¬†with a link to download them.
Again, these might end up in spam so please check there and your inbox.

For help or support, please send us an email to: